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Why Choose DHC Dental Software?

DHC Dental Software has been Making Dental software products since 1999. It has been sold in 117 Countries and translated to 20 languages. Dentists all over the world trust our software products. The software is developed by dentists for dentists. We are constantly improving our products to make dental offices more efficient and more impressive.

Our Products

Dental Education and Dental Consultation Software

Consult-PRO Premium is more than just a Patient education software it is a complete dental patient consultation software that greatly increases case acceptance. Increasing Case acceptance using consultation software is used to increase dental office production .

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Dental Waiting Room Office TV for Office promotion and Patient Education

This is also patient education software but patient education for the waiting room. Dental patients waiting in the waiting room can now be entertained with patient education videos as well as the local weather and local news. In addition practice specific education and information about the dental office can be shown in the dental office waiting room.

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Dental Office Practice Management Software Cloud and Enterprise Capable

Cloudent is a Full dental Practice Management Software that can take any office Paperless and with true cloud capabilities . Made for multiple office management on cloud for small group offices as well as large dental office group organizations.

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Dental Hygiene College and Dental College Management Software

Cloudent Ed Is a cloud based Dental College Management Software that incorporates clinical paperless charting as well as evaluation capabilities of students. Customizable to any dental college institutional software requirements.

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Dental Office Staff Payroll Time Tracking

Time tracker is a cloud based virtual punch clock that tracks dental staff employees for payroll purposes. It uses biometrics such as a fingerprint scanner to make sure there are no false claims by employees and eliminates "buddy punching" where one employee can log into a program for another employee when they are not at work .

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